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Award Category

Award Category

Interestingly, the YEN Awards are grouped into two major categories, namely the competitive and non-competitive categories.

The competitive categories: The competitive categories is the fragment that is opened to national public nomination whereby nominees are selected and assessed through a planned channel system and a panel of professionals before the final winner emerges.

Non-competitive categories: under the non-competitive categories, a candidate for any of our prestigious honors is carefully selected by the YEN Awards Committee paying considerable attention to the candidate’s proven excellence and pragmatic contributions to Nigeria’s socio-economic growth.


  • Young Personality of the Year.
  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • Man of the Year.
  • Governor of the Year.
  • Media Personality of the Year.
  • Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • Nollywood Personality of the Year.
  • Music Personality of the Year.
  • Agric-preneur of the Year.
  • Best Governor in Youth Development.
  • Best Governor in Economic & Entrepreneurship Development.
  • Woman Personality of the Year.
  • Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • Public Service Personality of the Year.
  • Brand of the Year.
  • BEST CSR Company of the Year.
  • SME Company of the Year.
  • Sport Personality of the Year.
  • SME Friendly Bank of the Year.


  • Leadership Excellence Award.
  • Life Time Achievement Award.
  • Life Time Entrepreneurship Achievement Award.
  • Special Recognition Award for Leadership Excellence.
  • Leadership Icon Award.
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